Internet Archive Disaster Plan

In our broken link building article, we explain the benefits of fixing links that are no longer valid on your site. One of the methods we use is to consult the internet archive to find old content to help in our Ottawa SEO campaigns.

The Internet Archive hopes to create another copy of the archive to be stored in Canada – because redundancy will protect against loss. Good idea. They need money to do this. Donations are tax deductible but I presume that is for residents of the United States – not Canada. Certainly, it’s in our interest since there is plenty of Canadian materials from websites and digitization projects stored in the archive. For example, view this page listing Canadian Libraries and the number of items digitized.


All in all the Internet Archive is an extremely valuable resource to Canadians especially for historical research – we do need to help keep it safe from whatever disaster could befall it. It’s just good disaster planning.

The Internet Archive of Canada is a non-profit corporation located at the University of Toronto where you can read more about the Internet Archive