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what is SEO and how does it work ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your web properties (ie. website) to appear in the top results for a given keyword, mainly on Google and other search Engines

Our team of professionals at Web Search Guide will employ tested and proven SEO strategies that will ensure that your website generates the right traffic and will turn your visitors into paying customers. Our strategies include: 

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Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

Keyword Research

We identify the most effective keywords and phrases for your business. We do this by determining the terms a customer would use to find your site, identifying the terms that most closely target the subject of your website, identifying the most preferred phrases that will bring quality traffic to your site.

Competitive Analysis

We find out what your competition is doing to obtain high rankings and implement various techniques to out rank your competitors. We do this by analyzing the strength of your competitors for potential keywords. Competitive factors include onpage optimization and the quality of links they’ve received.

On Page optimization

On page optimization has always be important in any effective SEO campaign. Nowadays, it’s in our opinion the most important part of a successful SEO campaign. Ignore it no matter how many quality links you get, your site will be stuck or go what we call in our industry the Google dance. 

Content Marketing

We will optimize your website content for end users and spiders from the search engines. To do so, we will make sure your content is high quality and we will use such content optimizing methods as: keyword density, keyword proximity, and heading tags.

Link Acquisition & Outreach

It takes time to build quality links. We use a variety of proven methods to attract the right high quality links to increase your rankings. We acquire quality niche relevant links through such methods 


We use the most current technology to analyze the performance of your website. We analyze web traffic information to determine visitor numbers, their behaviors once on your site and if there are conversion optimization opportunities.

more traffic >> better conversion >> more sales >> more money

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