Using The WayBack Machine For SEO

What is the Wayback Machine?

The internet wayback machine is a digital archive of the world wide web (www) and other information like books, music, and movies. The tool allows seeing archive version of web pages since the year 1996. Depending on when a website was created, the tool will display what the website looked since it’s creation.

Wayback machine SEO

At our Ottawa SEO company, we use the wayback machine in almost every campaign. The tool allows us to

How to use the wayback machine?

Wayback Machine Google

You can have a little fun by checking google history on the wayback machine*/

Wayback machine alternative

State of the Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive has received funding to improve and expand the Wayback Machine for digital preservation of Web content. Thank the Laura and John Arnold Foundation for their foresight and concern.  Preservation is vital –  and everyone – governments, companies, and people should be contributing to the Internet Archive for the common good.

Grant to Develop the Next Generation Wayback Machine, Wendy Hanamura, Internet Archive Blogs (Oct 21)

The Wayback Machine, a service used by millions to access 19 years of the Web’s history, is about get an update. When completed in 2017, the next generation Wayback Machine will have more and better webpages that are easier to find. The Internet Archive, with generous support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF), is re-building the Wayback Machine which currently offers access to 439+ billion Web captures including Web pages, video and images.